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Hahahahah still laughing at the #neverbasecartoonsonyourfamily

Poor Alex he must see people shipping him and his sister.wow pinecest got even more disturbing

YES!!!!  I so hope that I can work for Disney... XD What an awesome employer!

Yeah suck it you disgusting people who ship poor innocent kids you idiots youre not a real GF fan if u dont appreciate the way things are and decide to make things disgusting

...he's got the goatee and the red hair and everything

he's got the goatee and the red hair and everything>>>>"how can i be my own son," yeah, you can, with your satanic powers, Alex.

Same - like he was talking to himself i don't even know  that always made me wonder what they were thinking

I've always wondered. I just assumed, since Dipper is in the mindscape and is talking to Bipper, that Bipper is also talking in the mindscape, and therefore they didn't hear anything.