OMG I love this! Pacifica and Reverse Mabel meet unexpectedly as Mabel and Reverse Pacifica were hanging out at he Shack. At first Mabel thought that Pacifica had just changed for the better, but later discovers the truth. They have an encounter with Pacifica and Reverse Mabel, and realize that things are going to be a bit different with two deadly mean girls in charge.

Pacifica Northwest, Mabel Gleeful, Mabel Pines, and Pacifica Southeast

Gravity Falls: Through the Years by Charlemage on DeviantArt

Gravity Falls: Through the Years-GOD I wish the Mystery Trio was still canon.

buy back by on @deviantART Gravity Falls

I guess Bill literally loves bills from Pacifica.>> Is no one gonna ask about the bloody bag they're burying.

Pacificas parents are dumb, filty rich, manipulitive, JERKS!!!!!!!

The golf war by Caramelkeks on deviantART<<< I kinda feel bad for Pacifica. I think after this episode we'll be seeing a lot more of her but she just tags along with with the rest of the gang and they become friends!<<<< dipcifica for the win Hey pacifica jealous?

Since people liked how I drew teen Mabel, I decided to draw her again, with Pacifica, which I'm still working on in designing her as an older teen. Teen Pacifica and Mabel