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#Arrow 3x09 "The Climb" - Felicity and Oliver

"The Climb" - The moment my Olicity shipping heart broke in half

So, yeah this was the line that totally got me last night. This for some reason was always the point in The Wizard of Oz that I started crying as a little kid and this just hit me right in the heart. I hope we see much more of Mr. Harper and his adventures...perhaps with the Titans...perhaps to return someday as an arrow of a different color...hmmm...

This Show will not be what it is without him or maybe cuz I love him and that when they said he was gone my bed was literally wet. I knew my bæ hadn't gone xxx

Arrow - Oliver, Felicity and Diggle #3.1 #Season3 #Olicity ♥

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Arrow - Oliver, Felicity and Diggle ♥ one of my favourite scenes from the start of season 3