Geometric pattern for the staircase guard

Exploring Pattern Designs That Make Staircase Screens Stand Out

Beautiful floating staircase giving the room a lightweight feel with lineal divider adding to the structure and simplicity of the room //Architects: DMP Arquitectura Location: Federal District, Mexico

use for attic entrance in closet

15 unique, modern and creative staircase designs

Suspended Staircase by SoHo Architecture stairs figure/negative space/ directionality / text by books/ poster design wv has some info on factors to take into consideration when its time to purchase a set of stairs for a rv.

Too many "modern steps" forget about the importance of an hand rail. What I appreciate about this set of steps is that the handrail is not just functional, but a significant aesthetic component.

stairs ---omg the doctor is in his cloud! Those were my first thoughts seeing this

Photography Architecture - Adore the shadow that this spiral fire escape casts onto the bright red wall.

wine/book shelf stairs

Small Space Home Interior Design : Storage Ideas For Small Spaces In Your Home With Nice Under Stairs Storage Of Wooden Materials And Complete With Wall Racks And Combine With Brown Floor

Modern Stairs

Staircase drilling through the ceiling, Public Records Office Canton Basel-Landschaft by (Step Stairs Stairways)

Casa do Conto by Pedra Líquida

Three years ago, our office Pedra Líquida (Liquid Stone) was commissioned to create a new Hotel design concept – Casa do Conto, arts&residence - giving life to a beautiful XIX Century Oporto House, through a chirurgical restoration process.

The Black Workshop

Modern Japanese home with beautiful, continuous, wooden staircase designed by Tokyo architect Akihisa Hirata.