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.:☆ Skull & Bone Art .:+:. Artist Unknown ☆:.

Maybe with a skull in an hourglass with flowers around it and with a skeleton hand holding the orb

EC Escher...always neat :)

Hand With Reflecting Sphere, 1935 Maurits Cornelis Escher – Dutch Also known as a "Self-Portrait in Spherical Mirror" this painting is.

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Artists Like M.C. Escher | Escher Appropriation by AaVeRyY

I chose a drawing by MC Escher and turned it into a self portrait.



Clinofobia (medo de ir para a cama) / Eduardo Belga / 2012 / Scraperboard.

This whole image sums me up. I have a spine disease and me being an artist, bent over drawing and creating like this has done me no favours over the years. My skeleton is evil. It's torturing me for my passion for art. Love this guy's artwork.

"Goth Art" - so many boards to choose from on this one for this cross-genre piece but it's safe in Illusions. "Reality is merely and illusion, albeit a very persistent one," Albert Einstein ~:^]>

Meeting of the Dark Angels: Gord Napier artist. col by *dashinvaine on deviantART Angel Fantasy Myth Mythical Mystical Legend Wings Feathers Faith Valkyrie Odin God Norse Death Dark Light Engel d'ange di angelo de Ángel Ангел anděl wróżka de anjo angyal


Artworks by Alphonse Inoue (pseudonym of a Japanese artist, known for his erotic ex libris). I choose those that deal with the macabre motif "Death and the Maiden".

Sebastian Eriksson

Creates Surreal Artworks to Express Emotions - StumbleUpon Mind devour by Sebastian Eriksson

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Escher Images Maurits Cornelis Escher 17 June 1898 – 27 March usually referred to as M. Escher, was a Dutch graphic artist.

M C Escher Skull w/ Top Hat

Skull with Cigarette

Escher ~ “Skull and Cigarette”, 1917 “I don’t use drugs, my dreams are frightening enough.

Scholastica (Bad Dream) - M.C. Escher - WikiArt.org

Skot Foreman Gallery M. Escher "Scholastica (Poltergeist)" 1931 Woodcut 9 x 6 in 23 x 17 cm from the intended edition of 300 Initialed "MCE" in the plate upper right corner Bool 191 © The M. Escher Company B.