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HAHA! lay just staying there XD| allkpop Meme Center

Oh my word this is gold! Lol Baekhyun and Chen were mistaken for a gay couple at Disneyland. With lay in the background >>> Pinning it again bc this is GOLD

Suho's heartfelt speech | allkpop Meme Center

Suho's heartfelt speech

Suho's heartfelt speech, This fandom enjoy their fake subs a little too much

For real xD | allkpop Meme Center

For real xD

bangtan bombs are always the best<<< what does that have to do with Jongin and kyungsoo

When non-fans are luckier than fans... Ungrateful turds <-- lol this comment though

When non-fans are luckier than fans. Phase 1 of severe depression start

My poor baby is still growing. While Sehun grew up 20 years ago. He's so beast.


Since some people doesn't understand why kpop fans likes kpop, here's a brief explanation why we like kpop.

So fab Huang Ztao Dx

I bet he did better than the models and stole << they probably thought he was a model

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Omg xD Sorry for the bad language. I have the exo m picture as my laptop screen. Sail sail sail gotta gotta go go gotta find the el dorado.