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For real xD | allkpop Meme Center

For real xD

need my camera. okay hold still. so I should probably call an ambulance"

When non-fans are luckier than fans... Ungrateful turds <-- lol this comment though

When non-fans are luckier than fans. Phase 1 of severe depression

I was like "DANCE YOUR WAY OUT... wait, don''t you have teleportation powers??? Oh well, *i continue to dance to the music*

Even he don't know why is he doing that in the MV Kai EXO Lucky One

When EXO-Ls know EXO so well...

When EXO-Ls know EXO so well. So much sass my goodness !

Suho's heartfelt speech | allkpop Meme Center

Suho's heartfelt speech

I feel the emotions in this speech and i'm freaking love this fandom Suho Baekhyun

Chen trolling as always. I laughed so much when I was watching the episode.

{gif} EXO, I thought this was funny:) Hilarious Chen:) <--- Chen's trolling at its finest

Oh Baekkie. Both are things you should be confident about in my opinion but you should be proud how Kai still remembers it xD

Baekhyun be mad that Kai stole his; so he had to show him up and flash the pretty-pretty hands^.