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Go Greener : Jordan Kay

Go Greener : Jordan Kay

Beautyfull girl illustration

colored sketch commission for SmilesAndMetaphors colored sketch commission

Green Lantern. "Hal Jordan is the greatest Green Lantern, an inter-galactic police officer and member of the Green Lantern Corps. The strength of his willpower allows him to wield the universe's mightiest weapon, a power ring controlled by his thoughts. In his secret identity he is a test pilot working for Ferris Aircraft where his boss Carol Ferris is also his romantic interest."

Superheroes Illustrated With Paint Spatters

MTG - Swamp by andreasrocha on deviantART  This reminds me a little bit of the Bog in my story.

mtgfan: “Basic Land Art by *andreasrocha” Could totally be full Art lands

Bizarre Sculptures That Will Shock and Awe You

Bizarre Sculptures That Will Shock and Awe You

cactus balloon Cactus Balloon by Surrealist Sculptor Nancy Fouts. Check out a selection of her other astounding images at Nancy Fouts Dot Com.

Justice League digital art by French artist Boingflo - Green Lantern

We love this Justice League Digital art by French Artist Boingflo. Bright and vibrant, yet gritty at the same time.