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berry triffle

Designing for Yourself is Hard

one of my fave simple desserts: vanilla ice cream, strawberries, & chocolate syrup.

Baking makes me very relaxed when I'm stressed

only delicious things :p

Just Girly Things

Problem is: I usually end up eating more cookiedough than cookies.

Double Fudge Cookie Dough

i love dairy queen blizzards. i always get the blizzard with m&ms on top!

Umm Umm Umm

different types of ice creams

There’s candy everywhere… everywhere! | Definitive Proof Halloween Is The Only Holiday You Need

There's candy everywhere... everywhere!

rainbow heart candy sweet star sugar colorfull Gummy gummy worms sour gummy sharks gummybear gummy candy gummy rings your-candy-coated-dreams

i have so many nail paints.. esp pinks.. somehow, i believe that a girl can never have enough pink in her wardrobe..

just girly things collecting nailpolish:)

little reasons to smile

NY-Times-Cookies must try

july 3, 2017; baked chocolate cookies for the first time

Chocolate Chip Recipes - 12 Crazy Amazing Things to Do With Chocolate Chips - Country Living

i never got the chance to thank all of you guys for 1k followers <3 thank you guys so much for all of the love and support. ily all! :)

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Just Girly Things

Ben and Jerry's is an all-around fun loving brand. From the names of the flavours to the experience surrounding the brand, there is a definite sense of the Jester archetype in Ben and Jerry's.

just girly things

Marconi and cheese yum

I can honestly say I've never had Starbucks ice cream before.

One of my favorite ice creams: Starbucks Java Chip Frappuccino Ice Cream.

just girly things

Just a few pictures that put the "real" in "reality."

wanting an amazing summer adventure. just girly things

just girly things.

7 Ways to Fight Moths and Musty Smells in Stored Clothes

Love wood hangers and lacy

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Essie Mint Candy Apple- need it!