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"Seconds. Days. Months. I counted them all."  In which Canada suffers from abandonment issues, and he always count the time when Prussia goes somewhere. Whether Prussia leaves to buy more coffee, or when he travels back home to help his brother, Canada will start counting.

I counted them all." In which Canada suffers from…

Pinterest<--When Lovi umm needs attention he becomes cuter than I can handle --laughs nervously and rubs back of head--

This is my picture book about hetalia( might include nyotalia).=))))))( you can request me if you want) WARNING: Mature contain.

nyo france anime - Google Search

fem-russia and fem-france awww that is so nice of her!<- new headcanon that female France does this to everybody when they're feeling down :) <~France helps people with their confidence awww

As an American I found it actually very easy to say (then again I have a weird thing for accents)

Even more difficult is "Oachkatzlschwoaf" it's an austrian word that neither germans nor swiss can pronounce correctly

Canada is AWESOME!!!!!! APH-Two Minutes for Roughing by TheLostHype.deviantart.com on @deviantART

APH-Two Minutes for Roughing by TheLostHype on DeviantART America makes the grave mistake of interrupting Canada while he's watching hockey)

Headcanon Dump 001 by Prusija.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Hetalia - PruCan (This is my favourite ship in Hetalia)

FrUk Paradise

FrUk Paradise



this is hetalia in a nutshell tbh

this is hetalia in a nutshell tbh<<<I don't watch Hetalia but this makes me want to