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I can still hear the screams and pleas to stop,the tears shed before a final breath and the maniac smile I held while withdrawing my knife from a fresh bloody corpse

Jeff before and after

Jeff the Killer: people do this stuff because they want to give you all the emotions

WOWWWWWW JACK!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, but the idea of creepypasta characters playing video games together is hilarious. --A conversation. by scaredy--cat on DeviantArt

Lauhing Jack: The meme. by CrazyHermine on DeviantArt

I made another meme. Lauhing Jack: Cosplay: I fergot, sorry! Edit: Sugest your ideas! -No one is going to sugest something. Lauhing Jack: The meme.

Sleep..... Me: Heck no!

I yelled this at someone who was picking on me at school and they just backed away slowly and it was the funniest shit I've ever seen 🤣