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Undertale, Comic, Sans, Grillby

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Undertale - Sans x Grillby - Sansby - hot beverage by an-artist-complex

429f0083f6f5df3d32eed33642e220f47cb2d1b1a90fc57bd68cd38b810e7a88_1.jpg (800×2752) Hot leg

Leg so hot you fry and egg, Mettaton Grillby and Sans

I do not understand what is happening. Apparently it has something to do with dadster. I like this.<<< MY PIXELATED HEART!!!

I do not understand what is happening. Apparently it has something to do with dadster.<<< MY PIXELATED HEART!<<<I shall go rip my heart out and put it through a meat grinder now

UT: Its a Wedding by hopelessromantic721.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

UT: Its a Wedding by but I had to pin this a second time it's to good


Its because British people drive on the right, and he suddenly switched from left to right. It totally freaked Chara out! The X-Files just added to the mystery of how Sans switched sides.

undertale, sans

undertale, sans, trash, meHey look Sans, Blooky and I can be trash together. <<<<<<< Is it me? It's very accurate.


Yes I could do everything white and snowy paradise, but I didn't. Thats my protest cause its summer in my country right now :V __________________ Why is it that nobody ask me to draw any other coup.

Undertale: A certain sans of humour by CaptainClovey

*stabs eye with fork* I don't think this is how it works.

sans, undertale, gaster

Baby sans doing the opposite Gaster: I am really happy he moved but scared and annoyed at the same time.he is getting really smart Sans:. *levitates into his father's lap* Gaster: sans you lazy bones.

Q fofu *o*

See, this is why I love Asgore. Yes, he made huge mistakes but he was just trying to make things better for his own people.<<==I really ship Asgore and Gaster, so this is adorable

Frisk and Flowey - comic

Frisk and Flowey - comic I love when people draw flowey being defensive of frisk, it's be surprising as frisk spared his life