Statues inside the Great Temple of Pharaoh Ramesses II, Abu Simbel, Egypt

Isis and Horus, Temple of Philae Pylon, Egypt

Isis and Horus, Temple of Philae (Philae is an island in Lake of Nasser. It was formerly an island in the First Cataract of the Nile River and the previous site of an Ancient Egyptian temple complex in south) Pylon, Egypt

Dendera - Eine Göttin des Himmels unterstützt mit erhobenen Armen auf die astronomische Decke in der äußeren Säulensaal des Hathor - Tempel in Dendera. Ein geflügelter Sonnenscheibe schwebt über ihr.

'Goddess supporting the sky at Dendera.' A goddess is supporting the sky with raised arms on the astronomical ceiling in the outer hypostyle hall of the Hathor Temple at Dendera. A winged sun disk hovers above it. Via Patty Flagler

Papel de Parede Grátis - Lugares ao redor do mundo: http://wallpapic-br.com/national-geographic-fotos/lugares-ao-redor-do-mundo/wallpaper-38545

Beautiful photo of Ramses Temple, Egypt. Photograph was made by David Boyer, National Geographic. Six-story-high statues rise above the Nile shoreline at Abu Simbel.

Map of Ancient Egypt - I have an entire file of ancient maps I downloaded. It helps when watching some shows on History, or TLC.

History Books

Nile Valley of Ancient Egypt ~ Egyptian civilization developed along the banks of the river Nile. The Nile Valley stands in sharp contrast to the arid deserts of Africa. Its long, narrow flood plain was a magnet for life, attracting people, animals and pl

Bas-relief de la tombe de Sti 1er à Abydos

Seti I (Sethi I) Menmaatre Seti I (or Sethos I as in Greek) was a Pharaoh of the New Kingdom Nineteenth dynasty of Egypt, the son of Ramesses I and Queen Sitre, and the father of Ramesses II. great grandfather ~ Seti holding the thyrsus

Statuette of Isis and Horus, Ptolemaic Period, ca. 304–30 b.c.  Egyptian faience

Ancient Egyptian faience statuette of Isis and Horus. (Metropolitan Museum of Art) Here is another exquisite piece of faience depicting two of their most important Gods.

The Blind Guardians of Tuthmosis the III

Anubis of Egypt is The God of Melanin. Planet Pluto aka The Dogstar aka Anubis. Bitch aka Priestess of The Dogstar Planet Pluto (Scorpio)


ever since I can remember, I've loved Egypt + the culture . grade I did a huge research project on their architecture and hieroglyphics . so intriguing to this day for me Egypt