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A Summer Bucket List For College Students

That would be so cool!

send a letter to a random address and see if they write back (that would be kinda fun). Some write back, some never do.

in a jar and bring them in the house and see them glow! must be done

Sounds easy, but would be fun to do with fireflies are my goal to catch and trap. (If possible, put the fireflies in some sort of mason jar!) I'll make sure to release them all!

Visit the tunnel of love.

This gorgeous long, leafy tunnel looks like a green dream or a scene from a film - but it can actually be found deep in the forests of Ukraine. Measuring miles long, the unusual rail route in Eastern Europe is also a popular spot for lovers' promises.

That would be awesome

and can i just say, that photo is NOT the dead sea. lol the dead sea is darrrrk blue and surrounded by dusty mountains. and its not sand, its hardened salt mixed with mud.