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I love Johnny but I really love the photographer Annie Leibovitz.her photography is beautiful, wether it's celebrites, disney inspired, or general photography she never fails to catch my eye!

Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow: one of the best characters ever

Last-Minute Costumes From Your Closet

Haha love it!

It's a scientific fact that tattoos on the foot, ain't for no punk bitch! That shit hurts, but soo worth it!

Alice In Wonderland ~ Quote artwork ~ Typography Created for Macmillan’s special Alice in Wonderland books, they showcase the genius of Lewis Carroll. These have also been paid the ultimate compliment by Alice fans .

Its Your Time To

Perfection means Johnny Depp!

Love this picture!!

Johnny Depp - One of the most versatile and greatest actors of all time. He has taken on some of the strangest roles and made the characters come alive. One of my fav actors.