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When I find a meme that so eloquently sums up what it would take me three hundred words to articulate, I post it.


I'm starved for connection, not attention INFJs seek meaningful relationships and authentic connections.

When you move your focus from competition to contribution ~ life becomes a celebration ~ Never try to defeat people ~ just win their Hearts ༺♡༻ Buddha .

remember this....

Wow, this is dead on! There is nothing as special as feeling completely accepted by the person you love. Seeking to accept and understand others despite our natural differences as individuals is the most fulfilling and love filled way to live.

I believe that everyone has something to give and everyone has a story to tell. If anyone ever asked me about my story...we'd be talking for a long long long time lol

You know my name not my story love love quotes quotes quote teen quotes …

My soul needs to connect to those who are also awake.

My soul needs to connect to those who are also awake. I do not understand how people can exist each day without true connection. No, I do not want to talk about illness, or money. I want to talk about love, passion, & spiritual things

Old Soul !! ❤

OLD SOULS There is a beautiful thing inside you that is a thousand of years old. Nikita Gill via

To each person that has dismissed my reality after years of demanding I validate yours. I am so done!