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Cactus world beauty

Mammillaria bombycina -'silky' - is known for over 100 years. Pink flowers appear in early spring, paking pretty plants even prettier.

Flowering Cactus by tinysgirl_06. That's an abundance of orange blossoms.

I've never seen a cactus bloom like this, and I live in the desert. I've seen them bloom, but never like this!

Nopalxochia phyllanthoides (Epiphyllum phyllanthoides) aka orchid cactus. | Thank you commenters!!!

Type of orchid cactus. Named "German Empress". This is beautiful I've never seen cascading flowers on a cactus like this.



Mammillaria luethyi                                                                                                                                                      Más

Mammillaria luethyi is a species of plant in the Cactaceae family. It is endemic to Mexico. Its natural habitat is hot deserts

Gerberas bouquet

Arizona State Flower-Saguaro blooms ~ They are beginning to bloom April 2016

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Cactuses, Antique Print 1907