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I assume when you DON'T use your blinker, you don't make rational decisions in everyday life. Your license won't be renewed.


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Sorry, I'm busy

Day My top three worst traits - A Fresh Start on a Budget

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And that, my friends, is how productivity works.

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Early-morning run problems!  haha

Funny Workplace Ecard: I said 'Good Morning.' Now move on before I fucking cut you.

Perfect pick up line. Lol

Perfect pick up line.

I need better friends

I need better friends

Making Feedback Meaningful - includes a simple but great rubric to use for their written responses

Making Feedback Meaningful (Who's Who and Who's New)

"They pay me so much overtime, I really don't mind grading papers on weekends," said no teacher ever.

This is me for sure...

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33 Hilarious E-Cards That Are Better At Flirting Than You’ve Ever Been | Page 5 | Thought Catalog

33 Hilarious E-Cards That Are Better At Flirting Than You’ve Ever Been

Tagged with Funny; Shared by Dump of romantic ecards to send that special someone who knows just how to butter your biscuits

To all those nosey people that like to mind your business.@Beth Ann Gaier...we will remember this instead of getting angry :)

Nosey people need to focus on their own life! Take a look in the mirror and fix the problem staring back at you, biznatch!

We do Yoga to relieve stress......... Just kidding..... We drink wine in our yoga pants.

We do everything in our yoga pants.We do Yoga to relieve stress. Just kidding. We drink wine in our yoga pants.

Ecard why can't life be like hockey

I wish. Life should be more like hockey. Ecard humor funny laugh So true

Southern style Football games... Complete class.

Southern Football Tradition - its our favorite runway!