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Palace Het Loo, The Netherlands, interior.

King Willhem III often worked from his bed chamber at Paleis Het Loo in Holland, The Netherlands

Napoleon's chambers at Versailles. Furnished with some pieces in The Empire style that showed influence from The Emperor's campaigns in Egypt. Earlier was the Directoire period of Design named for the Directorship after Louis XVI was dethroned. After Napoleans defeat, there was an important period in continental decoration called Biedermeier. The anti opulence and rise of the Bourgeoisie, named for the cartoon character Papa Biedermeier.

Empire style - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Napoleon's bed chamber in the Grand Trianon,Versailles.

Multi colored lantern at Het Loo Palace /// more on Interiorator.com

Royal Showpieces Shimmer and Shine at Paleis Het Loo - part 3

Multi colored lantern at Het Loo Palace , Netherlands