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Lol, quite a lame title because I could not think of a title for this post. :P IT has a medical appointment in the morning today, so we had .

cute lunch

Seal Kyaraben, English Muffin Bento Lunch (BLT Sandwich, Cheese and Nori)

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This was a rather speedy bento, I still had time to laze around before waking the boys up from their slumber.

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Thanks to a fellow bento Mummy who suggested I make cupid, I decided to make more Valentine's Day bento today.

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Sharing batman bentos which I made yesterday. :) Cutie version of batman, using rice, nori and cheese. :) Batman logo is made from cheese.

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While doing my weekly shopping at the supermarket on Monday, I found a box of cutie panda chocolate biscuits.

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Yes, like what I said yesterday, it's bears again for today. :) This time, the bears are moulded out of mashed potatoes instead.

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Ladybugs for my boys' bentos today. :) The ladybugs are made out of rice, coloured with beet powder. The boys had onigiri, panko chicken,.

rilakkuma bento (tutorial in description) by minicuteclub

TUTORIAL HERE: [link] hii! im back with a rilakkuma bento~~ this bento is really easy and cute to make! no food coloring used as always please check the. rilakkuma bento (tutorial in description)

Video tutorial : how to make a cute bento lunchbox ! - YouTube

Hello my lovelies friends ! This is Kelyrin from Kelyrin-bento, and in this video I am going to show you how to make an adorable charaben (character bento) w.