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Something for the future sewing room, maybe? SPONTAN magazine rack Great ruler and mat organization idea! Magazine holder from IKEA.

How to File your Fabric - Genius idea!

45 Organization Hacks To Transform Your Craft Room

I need to get a filing cabinet for my sewing room so that I can do something like this. Fabric Storage Idea - in a filing cabinet. Via Eastwood Patchwork Quilters Inc.

Welcome to My Sewing Room | by athomesewing

This studio uses a kitchen island from Ikea as the cutting table. The black design wall, is that a chalkboard wall?

Sew Zone: Handy Drawers  Sliding shelves make getting items from the back easier. Some newer cabinets come with sliders, and older ones often can be retrofitted with them. Before ordering cabinets, measure the largest, heaviest piece of equipment you will use and make sure it will fit on one of the bottom shelves.

From Spare Room to Everyday Hobby Room

Peek into stylish and functional sewing rooms and work spaces! Steal storage ideas for your own room or be inspired to carve out room in your home for an organized sewing space.

There used to be four bar stools around the island.  K. reworked the space so there is real storage (not stuff under the stools)!  The island top is now bigger, so my ironing board fits perfectly.  Maybe I can keep this worktop clear of clutter...

Craft room island makeover is complete! Maybe my kitchen island can be used in my craft room

Spruce up your creative space with these ten tips for a more functional sewing room! | Indiesew.com

Ten Tips for a More Functional Sewing Space

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Kyoto's Sagano Bamboo Forest is one of the world's most beautiful groves

Stacked IKEA Bookshelves In The Center of the Room and a Door as Table top ~ for Storage & Worktable

Stacked IKEA Bookshelves In The Center of the Room and a Door as Table top ~ for Storage Worktable - Crafting DIY Center

Golf Tees to store bobbins with spools of matching thread.

Using golf tees to attach bobbin to spool of thread. Now I can just grab the spool with attached bobbin and I'm good to go.