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Had to giggle!

Recently I've been seeing a plethora of Pantone inspiration all over the web. Pantone is no longer just a color system, it has evolved to become so much more. Check out some of the awesome things designers and creatives from…

We needed this sign for Wiley Coyote too... :)

Oh my gosh! This is how I feel about applying for health insurance! There is a light at the end of the tunnel.but I feel like the tunnel is a thousand miles long!

<b>Art: If it's not baroque, don't fix it.</b> Otherwise enjoy the puns, parodies, and painting humor!

What blue said to orange.

Art: If it's not baroque, don't fix it. Otherwise enjoy the puns, parodies, and painting humor!

Yup definately mentally hilarious!!     Lol

A funny story about a cake pop, a grocery store, and an old woman, and why I'm no longer allowed to buy food without a chaper.

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482062_10151382270622746_1609704459_n.jpg 742×960 pixels

482062_10151382270622746_1609704459_n.jpg 742×960 pixels

paper still life by Fideli Sundqvist

Agnes Cecilia Fideli Siri Charlotte Sundqvist (a. Fideli Sundqvist) is a paper artist, illustrator and graphic designer based in Stockholm, Sweden.