LIV SØRVAAG, (Norway) - juli 2010, drypoint on copperplate ...  printed on Hahnemuhle paper, 13 x 32 cm

LIV SØRVAAG, (Norway) - juli drypoint on copperplate . printed on Hahnemuhle paper, 13 x 32 cm This style could be created in encaustic using incising and black encaustic paint, the round dots could be white wax. Excellent for a black and white study.

"Shapeshifter" Mixed Media - Encaustic Beeswax + Damar Resin, Recycled Materials With Found Object Framework. By Michele Renee Ledoux.

Hallsands collagraph print by Mike Glanville. A Collagraph print is created using a collage printmaking technique. The collagraph plate is printed the same way as an etching plate, but the process also includes the basic principle of relief printing. A collagraph can be printed either as intaglio or relief. The term collagraph refer to a collage board where the materials are assembled on a flat base or plate (matrix) to form a relief block with different surface levels and textures.

black and white - houses - Hallsands collagraph print - Mike Glanville

Dominique Fortin

Black and white - figurative - mixed media - Dominique Fortin - "Ouvre tes ailes"

Angie Lewin prints her 'Alphabet and Feathers' wood engraving for the V&A Museum in London

Angie Lewin prints her 'Alphabet and Feathers' wood engraving working on different mediums. creating wood blocks to print with etc.

Collagraph Print  Paris by BeauEstMien on Etsy, $330.00

This unique state collagraph is inspired by Montmartre, one of Magalis favourite place in Paris. Printed on 250 gsm printmaking paper.

Verve. Original etching by valdas on Etsy, $18.00

ORIGINAL ETCHING "verve" - ORIGINAL ETCHING "verve" This picture has been made on a copper plate, inked and printed on German etching paper. Image size: cm x cm X inches) paper size: 19 cm x

Today, I am cutting stencils for gelatin printmaking from a tyvek envelop. The envelop had a little texture that I think adds interest to the gel print.

Tyvek Stencils for Gelatin Printmaking - Linda Germain Printmaking roller-brayer monoprinting with forms that represent architectural space