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Charles Manson Image Gallery in the Serial Killer Calendar

A non-crazy person being tormented by the craze of hearing and feeling his precious family being raped and tortured. No peace for this man.

imagenes macabras y bizarras.

The Brain Of A Serial Killer

Infographic: The Brain Of A Serial Killer

Forensic-The Brain of a Serial Killer Infographic. I thought being a serial killer was more nurture than nature.

Serial killers are as fascinating as they are horrifying.

Bloodthirsty — Inside the Mind of a Serial Killer - Criminal Justice Degree Hub

Supernatural- serial killer funny

But I enjoy studying serial killers. Jack the Ripper is my favourite

Most Evil Serial Killers Part 1

Most Evil Serial Killers Part 1

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Three Things to Remember when Writing about Fainting – Write for the King

A Collection of Tips and Symptoms for Writing about Fainting

Reminds me of my forensic science class in school lol.) Crime Scene Investigation: What a bloody mess! I am a writer, I swear.

Yes! Out of the top ten, America only has one, number 8, and it happens to be my favorite serial killer.... is that weird? O.o

Top Ten Most Serial Killers

Out of the top ten international killers, America has "only" one: number lifer! Not executed! Go fugure.b/c we've had lesser criminals to bite the "lethal bullets"

HH Holmes newspaper article!  (RE: The Devil in the White City in my favourite non-fiction books)

(Historic WTF) America's First Serial Killer HH Holmes - INFOGRAPHIC, hotel murder castle had 51 doorways that opened to brick walls. All for insurance money.

Some Serial Killers and their IQ's. I keep wondering what their Emotional Intelligence levels were...

some serial killers IQ 's." most " serial killers have been found to have " higher than normal " IQ 's


Murder someone without getting caught

Wow / purely tagged for book writing purposes. if you're writing a serial killer it's nice to know your stuff. even if it is disturbing

With many serial killers especially it is a matter of credit. They want everyone to know what they did

Actually it's not a heart attack and it doesn't look like one. An embolism is recognizable as a separate physical phenomenon, however, this is correct that it would not necessary be detectable or investigated if foul play was not suspected otherwise.

The Girls He Adored: The Terrifying Serial Killer Thriller (FBI Agent E L Pender 1)

The Girls He Adored: The Terrifying Serial Killer Thriller (FBI Agent E L Pender 1)

I have read several of these!  A great list.

100 Must Read Books About Serial Killers

What makes a person not only murder, but murder multiple people over days, weeks and even years? There's a special name for these types of murderers: serial killers.

How Serial Killers Work

Serial killer behavior is classified as being either organized and nonsocial or disorganized and asocial. Learn about serial killer behavior.