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magnolius: “ Part of Kristi Malakoff’s Polyhedra Series - made entirely out of currency from around the world.

Otra estrella navideña

Otra estrella navideña

Folded money portraits

Paper Money Heads - In case you're wondering what to do with all your spare cash monies.

A Creative Art of Money in Amazing Geometric Shapes

Clever Currency Sculptures Money Pieces by Kristi Malakoff is a Series of Cash Creations

Kusudama Sea Stars. Origami

Items similar to Modern Mobile - Origami paper mobile - Kusudama Sea Stars. Handmade home decoration, beige green aqua - Easter gift on Etsy

Stella Rhombica kusudama

This is the gallery of my paper art. I adore modular origami technique, kusudamas and papercraft geometric objects. You can find here visual ideas, some diagrams and tutorials of my beautiful kusudamas.

Star Wars Origami Faltanleitung-dekoking-com

The Force is strong with this one. The Force of awesomeness that is. This Origami Yoda is some next level Jedi paper folding. Sure you could buy a Star War

Origami 9 intersecting planes

Modular Origami — intersecting plane models folded by Michał Kosmulski

Tung Ken Lam's blintz icosahedron module (30 modules).

Tung Ken Lam's blintz icosahedron module (30 modules).

Recycled paper origami chandelier, and other recycled paper art

A Showcase of Recycled Paper Art

Recycled Paper Origami Chandelier , originally uploaded by Jacqui Symons . Check out this really creative Recycled Paper Chandelier that J.