Nia Farrell

The bride of Frankenstein is one of the most iconic Goth women in literature. A freak of nature, sexy, dark and able to handle her man, Frankenstein. You might also like: Get Your Monster On We

She Crow IV by on @deviantART

it's boring always taking images of myself, so I proudly present you my today-photo-victim Mircalla Tepez This stunning young lady is a very talented mo. She Crow IV

Se han vuelto populares entre los artistas hacer mugshots, más si recordamos cuando publican arrestos de famosos que fueron detenidos. Marcus Jones...

Unos mugshots muy darks de Marcus Jones

whitesoulblackheart: “Lydia Mugshot by Marcus Jones © Website / Etsy / FB / deviantART (Please leave credit and links … Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ) ”

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Honor by mckadesinsanity* Lovely depiction of flesh. cannot see a brush stroke therein. Perhaps, air-brushed ~ impossibly perfect.