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Air France

Perceval - Air France - vers des ciels nouveaux - 1946 aviation vintage poster featuring quadri-motor dark blue airplane cutting thru cloud opening in shape of France

Pan Am 1970

At Sci-Fi Air Show, the spacecraft of yesteryear are refurbished and displayed for awed audiences. The site is from an alternate dimension in which these spaceships existed. In other words, Stanley Kubrick really filmed 2001 in deep space.

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Air France Towards New Skies. An Air France airplane emerges through a break in the clouds.

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Air France by Perceval 1950 France - Vintage Poster Reproductions. This French travel poster features the front of a plane flying through blue cloud sky with the image of a horse with a fish tail in the propeller.

San Francisco World's Fair

"San Francisco World's Fair"- (Golden Gate International Exposition-on San Francisco Bay), 1940 ~ Graphic Design and Illustration by Kees Van der Laan - d. Dutch) - Letterpress Print Poster, x inch, x 34 cm.