Jason S.

7 Sweetly Sexy Hollywood Beta Males ...

Jason Segel - fugly cute & funny as hell. My kinda' man :)

Jason Segel...

Jason Segel Height Weight Body Statistics

Love him! So funny

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Jason Segel as Marshall Eriksen from How I met Your Mother opening pictures

If i could meet him, my life might be complete.

My Hollywood Boyfriend

Jason Seigle, Seth Rogan, Jonah Hill & Paul Rudd ... my all time funny favorites! There is nothing more attractive than a man that can make a woman laugh!

Jonah Hill - Seth Rogen - Jason Segel - Paul Rudd - Vanity Fair - April 2009 by Annie Leibovitz - Photographer

Boys deserve little "imperfections" too. Mister Jason Segel.

Come on, Jason Segel, I'm not gonna wait forever. Ok, actually, I'll totally wait forever.

Jason Segel  -To be fair, this could have been categorized as TV.  Decisions.

Jason Segel- man of my dreams :) My niece Jenn thinks this is her man but I am older