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matchy books- Makes me wonder if I even have a range of match books - especially pink ones?


Thought of Korducki Krenn when I stumbled upon this unique bookshelf-filled site! Fun for home decor inspiration.


Old books. To a bibliophile, the only thing better than a box of new books is a box of old books.

book gradient.

Antique and Vintage Books Rainbow Colors Foot . Brothertown on Etsy - love the colours!

Beautiful blue vintage books

Beautiful blue vintage books

P.S.- I made this...colorblock bookshelf  #psimadethis #colorblock

To gauge my OCD tendencies, a psych once asked me how I organize my books. Used to be by size/genre.

v i n t a g e . F L O R A L . p r i n t s

I could do one with my yellow chair, and a stack of vintage cookbooks.maybe with an apple or pear up top, or a mixing bowl.

The Old Butcher’s Bookshop, Paris (via Messy Nessy Chic)

Forks bookstore was a privately run shop. Noble lived in the back. He had grown a fondness for the girl that always spend and hour in his shop everyday and always bought a new book on Friday.

This is cool,but the thought of how they retrieve the books makes my stomach a little sick

UNSOURCED This seems to be the only place where there's a large version and there's no link info. It's for my book storage board.

The French Tangerine: ~ i've got the blues

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