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Ive seen dreams that move the mountains, hope that doesnt ever end, even when the sky is falling. Ive seen miracles just happen, silent prayers get answered, broken hearts become brand new; That what faith can :)

I've been needing a lot of "calming."

Sometimes God calms the storm.sometimes He lets the storm rage and calms His child. True in my life.

Life's challenges are not meant to break you. Life's challenges are meant to mold you, refine you and make you into all you were intended to become. Keep the faith. Stay positive. The best is still ahead!

Some of you today have had unfair things happen, lift has not turned out like you'd hoped. God is saying "If you rise up out of those ashes, put on a new attitude, I'll not only bring you out , but I'll bring you out with twice what you had before.

Numbers 23:19

Listen: The Voice of God will never contradict with the Word of God. Numbers Your faith, must be in the Word (the voice of God) alone!


Grip of Reality_"Do not be misled: Bad company CORRUPTS good character. I Corinthians Guard your heart more than anything else; because the source of your life flows from it. Proverbs Socialization--positive and negative / BIBLE IN MY LANGUAGE


It is so true. God will take you through places you don't understand just to bring you to the place where he needs you to be. Just Trust HIM!

Sin has no hold on the forgiven child of God.

Sin has lost its power, death has lost its sting, from the grave you've risen victoriously.I'm running out of darkness out of shame by the cross you are the truth the light the way.


Dear God, you know that my heart is heavy and I'm oh so tired.try to keep up with thing fulling others dreams its killing me.dear lord its time i live my own dreams.please help me.

I have seen and witnessed miracles happen. I have seen them happen within myself. Please help me to remember this when my hope and faith gets weak. And to remember that my way doesn't work. I pray I never lose my faith again.

And I can promise you...it was for good! He loves us. We are His children and EVERYTHING He does for us is done out of a love that surpasses anything we've ever known. Just have faith.☝HF~

Quote: You may not understand today or tomorrow, but eventually God will Reveal why you went through everything you did.

God is watching over you. I know because I asked Him too!!!!!!!!! Both of ya {all four!} Eight

Every day God is watching over you. I know because I asked Him to. Have a blessed day! (To my family and friends)


So here's the thing. I've been through so tough stuff but here I am, still making it through. I'm done feeling sorry for myself. I know there are people who care about me and I'm gonna lean on them when things are tough and I'm just going to trust in God.

Feeling a lot of pressure within our family right now as we make some big decisions (mostly good!). That feeling in your stomach when you are nervous... but it doesn't go away. We are struggling to determine the right choices. Found this in my feed today and am reminded that God has this. He knows the answers. And He will lead us. We have to pray and have faith. Thank you to @houseofbelonging for this reminder. (I plan to get one of their huge inspiration pieces! Be sure to check them out.)…

faith tells me that no matter what lies ahead of me, God is already there-This is so true