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[triangle UP]: air & fire >< [triangle DOWN]: water & earth

Alchemy symbols: air water fire earth

4 Element symbols Water, earth, fire and air. Tattoo idea no 1. drawn on Illustrator

Tattoo idea for Skye (air) & Kai (water): 4 Element symbols Water, earth, fire and air.

Earths 4 Elements: May Water cleanse you, May Air teach you, May Fire drive you, May Earth be a foundation for you.

THE FOUR ELEMENTS: (Positive) Fire- Enthusiasm; material world (Negative) Water-Emotion;

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Water Earth Air Fire // Avatar Symbols // Prints // Four Watercolor Paintings Korra Avatar the Last Airbender

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Magic of Three Type/Style: Black & Grey, Scarification Placement: Sternum/Stomach Favorite Aspect(s): fluidity, meaning, depth