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NicNacs from Paradise Falls Border Collie female, lilac & white, *11/2015

NicNacs from Paradise Falls Border Collie female, lilac & white, (Beauty, beauty, beauty!

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Blue Merle Border Collie puppy at fourteen weeks demonstrating stereotyped breed-specific behaviors including eye (gaze and lowered stance); this dog's eyes are different colours, which is not uncommon in merles.

chiots BORDERS COLLIES                                                                                                                                                     Plus

I will be getting at least 53 dogs when I'm older hehe. I can't refuse all this cuteness😍😍😍

Seven the Border Collie

Introducing Seven, my border collie puppy! He is now 10 weeks old and starting to have a lot of fun with my two older dogs. He is a rare blue merle border collie and he has blue eyes (although I think

Border Collie with a collie flower - Well isnt that just frickin adorable. I love your eyes sweetheart, they glow with something that so many eyes lack. - Jeff S

The Border Collie

I don't agree with the intelligence bit because my dog hasn't got a brain she's so crazy

~Simply Me~

Looks like a Border Collie to me! --- Please noo, I give up! / / Markéta Trojanová ~ I think this may be a Corgi? and not a BC ~ what do you all think?