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Drop The Hammer

Young boy nailing wheel parts from an old metal roller skate to a wooden plank in the first step toward making an orange crate scooter. LIFE magazine, New York, 1947 - Photo by Ralph Morse

Skateboarding in Central Park in 1965, back when it was still completely new and pretty much unheard of.

Skateboarding in New York City as pictured by photographer Bill Eppridge in Pictures originally featured in Life Magazine on May 1965

Inspiração do dia: Skate

Hugh Holland, a talented photographer captured the perfect moments of skateboard impacted on America’s culture, in his photo album, Locals Only: California.


When you think of old people you may think of a little old granny who make cakes and cookies but the truth is not all old people are created equal. Here is a collection of some of the coolest old people we have ever seen.

Little Susan Burton exchanges a kiss for a present from each of her brothers on her second birthday (1956)

Funny pictures about Kisses for all. Oh, and cool pics about Kisses for all. Also, Kisses for all.

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I imagine my daughter exactly like this. Dress, Braids, boots made for mud, and a skate board. MY kind of gal

LangweileDich.net – Bilderparade CCCLII - Bild 61

self portrait :) But really, this is a great idea. Give the kid a camera and then take photos of him taking photos. oh my gosh! so cute!

Brasserie Lipp, Saint Germain des Prés, Paris 1969

Henri Cartier Breton - in Paris, the mini skirt had arrived - not to everyones approval. Inspiration for our Monochrome Twist shoot in the June 16 issue.

. Le petit parisien (1952)  Fotografia feita em 1952 e considerada uma das mais importantes do fotógrafo francês Willy Ronis. Intitulada “Le petit parisien”, mostra um garoto parisiense que corre levando debaixo do braço uma baguete maior do que ele. A fotografia percorreu o mundo como marca da Paris no pós-guerra.

As 12 fotografias mais felizes da história

Willy Ronis - Le Petit Parisien - “The Little Parisian”, Paris, 1952 Eustaquio Kiwi johnny give the nice policeman his bread back he's not laughing

Family moments. longboards, skateboards, skating, skate, skateboarding, sk8, carve, carving, cruising, bombing, bomb hills not countries, hills, roads, pavement, #longboarding #skating:

OK MAG: The Sound Of Violence - Parte Um

3 Archers in Japan, ca. 1860 - 1900

22 Non-Pornographic Forms Of Porn

Relive history with colorized black and white photos- Japanese Archers circa 1860