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LOVE the idea of repurposing furniture to make a hutch, would def need to be part of a much larger set up tho

Nice-looking indoor rabbit cage - Housing and Environment - HARE CARE - Rabbits Online Forum

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Rabbit hutch idea: Two doors in front; one normal hinge, one folds down into ramp. Or, low hutch and door folds down to block access under hutch to protect storage.

Dipped legs, modern look. They need to have a ramp and be much closer to the ground though. Cage à Rongeur by Chimere. For the refined rabbit...http://bit.ly/Vz72JX

This Danish-style hutch offers a couple of places to stash food and supplies, including a long drawer with a ceramic knob featuring a stylized head of a rabbit, mouse, or hamster.


50 Free DIY Rabbit Hutch Plans & Ideas to Get You Started Keeping Rabbits

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