Girl wearing a bear headdress with roses tattoo.I like this only I would want a wolf headdress and not a bear.

Wolf lady.

Inspiring picture girl, howl, spirit animal, the white deer, wolf. Find the picture to your taste!

Tim Shumate. my favorite tim shumate illustration. if there is any fictional character on my body - this would be it

Grown up tattooed Tink. The quote isn't right "Not all who wander are lost". I've always wanted a Think tattoo okay just going to say wouldn't get this but two things I love have just collided. Tinkerbell and lotr

Girl Drawing Feathers Octopus

Drawing - a girl with some elements from octopus, snake and some feathers. love the idea of octopus hair.

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Well this lady is fierce as all hell. I like the lines (Bottle Sketch Alice In Wonderland)

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tattoo tatoo medusa tattoo neat tattoo tattoo s drawings tattoo motive .