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Seashells, South Africa - artwolfe.photoshelter.com

New Wonderful Photos: Seashells, South Africa

wanderthewood:  New Zealand spiral shels by JenniferLMcCallum

Millie, I think you have some baby spiral seashells. These are from New Zealand. They are spiral shells.

Heart cockles

** ❥ Heart Cockles (seashells) I have never seen seashells like these and think they are so beautiful-you can't beat nature for color and design.

Cut Nautilus Shell by Henry Domke Fine Art via henrydomke.com

Cut Nautilus Shell by Henry Domke -- the golden ratio strikes again.

Shells :: remind me of bamboo tips

Emerald green snails or Manus Island tree snails. Endangered because of the demand for jewelry making and shell collectors.

Bright Natural Pink Sea Urchin- All Natural. Approximately 1" hand picked for a gorgeous pink color.

Super Pink Sea Urchin

Pink Sea Urchin Handpicked for its color. Natural Pink Sea Urchin- All Natural. Approximately hand picked for a gorgeous pink color. Pink Color Varies due t

I got one of these as a child and still have it.  I thought it was the coolest thing.

earth-song: “ Candy-Striped Land Snail Liguus virgineus, also known as the candy cane snail, is a species of air-breathing land snail, a terrestrial pulmonate gastropodmollusk in the family.

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Found one today on Ocracoke Island My favorite shells are the Welk. Male Welk shell the only left handed shell in America Female Welks have a lighter color. Seashell with reflection ~~~

Sea Shells ~

Picture on canvas of this - Nautilus. Parlor or even over fireplace and put tree elsewhere.