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The da Vinci® Si, allows physicians to operate while seated at a console viewing the patient through an enhanced, high-definition 3-D image of the surgical field. The surgeon's fingers grasp the master controls below the display with hands and wrists naturally positioned. The system translates the surgeon's hand and wrist movements precisely, in real time, moving the robotic surgical instruments inside the patient.

The board certified physicians at Somerset Urological Associates, located in Somerville, NJ are highly skilled in all the aspects of general urology.

steam punk light

Art made from metal scrap into steampunk design lamps, clocks and other imaginative objects.

Stainless Steel Surgical Light - Vintage Medical Lighting  by Old Portland Hardware and Architectural - Architectural Salvage in Portland, Oregon.   $875.00

Vintage Stainless Steel Surgical Light: Manufactured by Castle Lights, this vintage surgical light easily pivots in any direction and is simply amazing. - Old Portland Hardware & Architectural, Architectural Salvage in Portland, Oregon

Antique Vintage 3 Way Benjamin Socket Copper Industrial Style Lamp

Antique Vintage 3 Way Benjamin Socket Copper Industrial Style Lamp

Industrial Style Lamps, Electric Fan, Lamp Light, Confidence, Steampunk, Copper, Electric Cooling Fan, Brass

Clip-On "Reading" Light: perfect for so many things whether you're wearing them on glasses you use for everyday wear or on safety glasses and the light is helping add a bit of illumination to small spaces in a #diy #project or #hobby.

24 Insanely Clever Gifts For Book Lovers

“Night-Owl” LED Reading Splendid to read in bed, on long-haul flights, railway journeys. Keeps both hands free. NOTE TO SELF: Would be good for sewing, engraving, any type close work where a little extra light helps.

Decorating theme bedrooms - Maries Manor: Steampunk decorating ideas - Victorian punk rock style creates the steampunk theme - steam punk Industrial style decorating ideas - steampunk gears decor - Steampunk clothes - Steampunk Costumes

Part #: OTP-WFSPDR-12K Description: 1 (One) Stake pocket d-ring for heavy duty…

Stake Pocket D-Ring - 12K

Part Description: 1 (One) Stake pocket d-ring for heavy duty use, fits most stake pockets. Drop in your stake pocket, pin, and it’s ready to u

Retro-Futuristic Lighting: John Stephenson's Sculptures Made From Antique Car Parts

Retro-Futuristic Lighting

Retro-Futuristic Lighting - John Stephenson has been making lighting sculptures since the He likes to reconstruct fixtures from various car parts from the

Repurposed Vintage Sears Electric Fence Charger Box Lamp

Repurposed Vintage Sears Electric Fence Charger Box Lamp

I figured it was time to create another repurposed lamp and at the same outdoor sale I found the vintage nightstand at (in previous post), I found this way cool…