diabettie's A f r i c a n F l o w e r

diabettie's A f r i c a n F l o w e r

Ravelry: diabettie's A f r i c a n F l o w e r Nice Colours.

african flower blanket


african flower blanket

Love African Flowers

I now have 28 African Flower hexagons, I'm sewing them as I go, it doesn't look a lot different from last week, I'm loving how it's coming .

African flowers... Looooove these colors!!!

Image only, nice Colour combo.

African Flower Hexagon Blanket; gorgeous!

Life Made Creations: crochet **thanks so much for pinning me ♥

African Flower Blanket by RooKnits

I love this African Flower Hexagon Crochet pattern! It was initially published in a South African Magazine called “Sarie”, and instantly became a runaway success :) The pattern was designed by Lounette Fourie and Anita Roussouw.

Edging for the boys blankets?

Imagem relacionada

Imagem relacionada

crocheted blanket with yarn flowers

Totally hot for fall/winter

Jennifer Rizzo: Totally hot for fall/winter.

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Crochê na decoração

Mingky Tinky Tiger + the Biddle Diddle Dee

African Flower Granny Hex - free pattern

Lacy Baby Shawl African Flower Granny Hex Bolster Pillow Candy Corn Baby Hat Christmas Pudding Ornament Dane Doll Everybody’s Slippers Grammy Star Granny Square Baby Cubes March Sunflo…

Crochet Granny by Hilaria Fina https://www.facebook.com/hilaria.fina

hf Crochet Hexagon Acrylic I like the colors

Sweet African flower baby blanket

Sweet colors for African flower baby blanket



tutorial with photos

The African Flower Grammy Hex

African flower......... pretty color combo

African flower all put together & 2 new starts

Priscillas: African flower all put together & 2 new starts