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Or sell your first born child to pay for it...or go to Homeschool Days!

Inspirational ski posters not to live by

Aaaaaaah Best feeling, first on the slopes, the sound of the crunch, no one around and the smooth feeling.... Heaven

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Black Slope, Pamporovo Winter Resort, Bulgaria (by Evgeni Dinev) I wanna ski in my year off

What Your Ski Track Says About You. shared by http://www.myskiholiday.com

I was all of those but they forgot the snowboard class where I earned the nickname crash and the one where you're afraid of heights and have to use your snowboard as a sled down the mountain.

Yes!!!! You end up tripping or looking just plain dumb

I've heard about the horrors of ski boots. I snowboard, however. Snowboard boots are painful, but not as bad as ski boots