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2,017 Likes, 73 Comments - I'm obsessed with Shawn Mendes (@loving.my.benito) on Instagram: “IT'S NOT JUST A RUMOR NOW imsoreadysndkdkamsjdkskw @shawnmendes #shawnmendes…”

Okay so this song is absolute perfection and I'm dead? Like I sat alone in my room in the dark at AM, sobbing as I listened to it for the first time.


Shawn Mendes assina contrato com agência Wilhelmina Models

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This is me when ever I walk into my room because the only thing u see is shawns face cause every inch there is a poster of him

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Best concert of my life! I currently have post concert depression.<< SAME! I MISS THE CONCERT

not just after illuminate, but after the Shawn Mendes Ep, Handwritten, Handwritten Revisited, and shawn in general

Bye, I'd say it was nice knowing you but I'd be lying.

It isn't possible for my boyfriend to hate Shawn Mendes. That means my boyfriend would hate himself xD Love you bae

True my friends say that... I'm obsessed

Yes this is so relatable.but my friends dont check my phone.i domt let anyone use my phone.😄😄 I love shawn mendes soooooooo much!

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My friends be like "oh is that that boy you always obsess over" I be like "Oh you mean Shawn Peter Raul Mendes 17 years old born August 8 1998 obsessed with Harry Potter writer of the 3 time platinum song Stitches?

so true like whenever I open my phone I smile because Shawn is my screen and home wallpaper and then people ask me what are u doing? Then I be like,"Watching my boyfriend smile." Then they jump to me to see it and they be,"OMFG" LOL!!!!!

For me (personally) the pic would need to be the Dolan Twins and replace "Shawn" with Ethan & Grayson