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"Feeling uplifted from a healthy dose of ski serenity. I don't know what it is about skiing, but no other sport gives me such a great feeling.


I believe that I was made for the winter. With the way i long for frosted and the cold because everytime I see the snow i light up ❄️

I know!                                                                                                                                                                                 More

If snowboarding was easy, they'd call it skiing Men's Premium T-Shirt - black

how to get start a business, what do you need to start an online business, how to legally start a small business - Seriously lol, theres a reason many switch from skiing to boarding and not vice versa


Keep calm and wait for snow. January Hakuba - adrenaline adventures :D I can't wait.

Skiing combines outdoor fun ....

Skiing combines outdoor fun ....Funny Skiing Wall Quote Words Sayings Removable Skiing Decal Lettering

Adventure is what you make it. And wether its to travel, the discovery, or just the feeling of leeting go, the only way we'll ever find out, is to get out there and do it #snowboarding

Quote from the end of The Art of Flight


Happiness is, the first downhill skiing run of the season. - Cute Happy Quotes YES!

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This is my new extreme sports compilation video (Supertramp Style) [HD] Freestyle/BMX/Snowboard/Motocross/Wingsuit/Longboard/Skateboard.

Anfang November und immer noch kein Schnee?! Irgendwas is hier faul

Wake up Shovel Bed Wake up Shovel Bed! I want my yard back, I don't care if I walk around in it neck deep in rainwater!

Snowboards are not just pieces of wood, steel, and fiberglass. They are tools of escape. A medium for personal expression. A way to challenge fears, push limits, and share incredible experiences with your friends. #snowboard #snowboarding #inspiration

This is exactly why I like snowboarding. Not just for the sport, but for how free I feel and enjoying the time snowboarding with friends