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Vintage Fruit, Cherries, Strawberries Label Ephemera Digital Collage Sheet - DIY Printable - INSTANT DOWNLOAD

I grew up near Plant City, Florida, the strawberry capital of the world. My Grandmother, Mother and I planned a day trip to pick fresh strawberries from the fields of Plant City.  I immediately recognized the Beatles inspiration for their song...Strawberry Fields Forever. I will never forget being in the fields of wonderful fragrance that day with two of my most favorite ladies in the world and the intoxicating strawberry fragrance that filled my senses.  bp
Thank you so much for all your pins today!!  Tonight and Thursday, let's do a STRAWBERRY COUNTRY COTTAGE in RED.  Let's try and get a country feel to the board and not just a red & white cottage.  Thank you!!
vintage book stickers - these were used a long time ago, when bookstores placed them in the books they were selling. Sometimes, when you open an old book you can find one of these either in front or end of the book.
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Letterology: The Nature of Type Design in the 19th C, Part Two
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