English artist Josephine Wall has been passionate about art since she was four years old. Now a respected artist, Josephine paints with a lively imagination and romanticism that escort her audience into a world of magical dimension.

Rabbit moon

A fairytale art print titled . Hare by Night. via Etsy.Mystical and magical. Art print of an original painting by Amanda Jane Clark.

Equinócio da Primavera - Primeiro dia da primavera. Aqui no hemisfério Sul, ocorre no dia 23/Set.

Two Coven Ostara (Spring Equinox) Spellcast during Full Ritual.

Recipes for Your Ostara Celebration: Hot Cross Buns - Cross Quarter Buns

Recipes for Your Ostara Celebration

Looking for recipes to brighten up your Ostara celebration? Here are some favorite seasonal treats to prepare for the spring equinox sabbat!

Altars:  Ostara #Altar.

Ostara blessings to my northern hemisphere witches and happy Mabon to my fellow Southern Hemisphere witches. How amazing is Ostara altar? Ultimate altar goals✨ blessed be!