BRAINS - collage bij Merijn Hos

Merijn Hos - Beautiful Minds Foundation Crall harrison Oh my goodness. Thank you for pinning this.

coffee and brain image

Productivity Editorial for Fast Company by Kyle Bean - TrendLand -> Fashion…

#brain #thinking #nerd Colorful Brain Art - Just Think - By Sharon Cummings by Sharon Cummings

"Just Think" New Mixed Media Art Painting/Collage Sharon Cummings 2014 Just thinking of the possibilities for 2015 has me totally pumped!

The Importance of Being Unplugged: Why it’s Good to Occasionally Disconnect from

Some surreal photo collages and mixed media artworks by Matthieu Bourel. Matthieu Bourel is a French artist currently living and working in Berlin, Germany

paper brain #SolarLifeBeautifulPeople

Kyle Bean - love his work! "A series of brains made out of different objects and materials for Men’s Health Magazine. The series includes brains made of toothpaste, newspapers and fruit with chocolate.

The human brain is a powerful and mysterious organ. I appropriate neurological images to create the intricate shapes of the human brain with my

The Human Brain Print Set - Gift Set of Three x Watercolor Prints - Art in Neurology - Brain Art - Customized Art Gift Set

Didn't know the brain cortex could be so awesomely beautiful!

I think the cerebellum is one of the prettiest parts of the brain (for basic anatomy, go here). This is an image of the cerebellum showing purkinje cells in yellow and their outputs (axons that will.

What kind of brain do you have and what can you do with it?

What Is Your Brain Actually Good At?

Exhale  graphic design lungs anatomy art graphic by SayHeyCrystal, $20.00

My Lungs are Beautiful - graphic design rendition of lungs. No smoking themed artwork, turned into striking bold graphic t-shirts, raising awareness of