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How to Draw a Mandala: Learn How to Draw Mandalas for Spiritual Enrichment and Creative Enjoyment

"how to draw a mandala" pretty straightforward instructions great for its own lesson or sponge activities & sketchbk prompts (students can work on the same one over time)

New Flower Mandalas by Kathy Klein | http://www.designrulz.com/design/2015/07/new-flower-mandalas-by-kathy-klein/

New Flower Mandalas by Kathy Klein

You can shake the sand from your shoes but it will never leave your soul.

The Goddess! Marc Treanor creates another stunning sand art work. This was created on Sunday the of August, at Traeth Llyfn in Wales with Rachel Shiamh. This work was based on a crop circle from 2007 and the wonderful art work of Asta Pruess.


Floor Designs Ideas: Kolam is a form of sand painting that is drawn using rice powder by female members of the family in front of their home. It is widely practiced by Hindus in South India. A kolam is a sort of painted prayer - a line drawing composed of

Buddhist monks working on sand mandala, Karsha Monastery in Padum, Ladakh, India

To see one of these sacred & ancient sand mandalas created like this one in the Karsha monestary, near Padum, Ladakh. These works of art are created & then destroyed

omulyana red mandala by peter barreda

Miami-based artist Peter Patrick Barreda, who draws these amazing mandalas in pen and ink on acid-free paper, is ‘fascinated by origins and causes, and the