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I have a tattoo on my side.because my grandpa used to tell me this "be not afraid". And the phrase "do not be afraid" is written in the bible 365 times. that's a daily reminder from god to live every day being fearless.

God is greater than the mountains that we face.  Don't allow yourself to forget that.

Start calling yourself healed, happy, whole, blessed and prosperous. Stop talking to God about how big your mountains are, and start talking about how big your God is!

♥Thank you God for another day♥

Gratitude - I want to live without complaining - too much to be thankful for to grouch about anything!

Have Faith in the Lord our God

The Bible NEVER once said, "figure it out." It says, "Trust God." He's already got it all figured out. I am so glad that He has it all figured out.


A great inspirational prayer. Debbie Kay - prayer in dealing with hardships, sickness, loss Amen

If God is telling you to do something, do it. No one else should have a say in the matter, nor should they be assuming the role of God

Your opinion does matter if it agrees with what God says, who He is, and His plan, or if it encourages or enhances another person's life; then your opinion matters A LOT! Your approval is not necessary, though.

God is planning something better

So hard to realize at the time but it is so true, of the time! God is going to give you exactly what you need. Thank God for unanswered prayers.

If God already knows everything anyway, why should we prayer? What's the big deal with prayer, and does it really make a difference? That's what we are talking about on the blog today. Why not stop by for encouragement, instruction, Bible verses, wisdom, and truths for God's Word? This post will give you 6 great reasons for prayer.

Why Should We Pray (if God already knows everything anyway)?

That's right !!!!

I asked God, "Why are you taking me through troubled water?" He said, "Because your enemy can't swim." Leviticus Deuteronomy Proverbs Through troubled water