History of Fashion this as wallpaper could be very cool

A History of Fashion, Silhouette Version: a look at how silhouettes have changed over the past 250 years. This I find really fascinating as it relates the the models I drawn in my folder for my Elle woods style dress

1900-2010 fashion silhouettes

female fashion silhouette history - Silhouettes throughout history, how the shapes changed, and what is the ideal silhouette now? something that is slightly masculine and feminine? A merge of the genders?

41 Regency Fashion 1809-1828 png by EKDuncan by EveyD

EKDuncan - My Fanciful Muse: 41 Regency Fashion Plate Ladies from Ackermann's Repository - I took some of my favorite Ackermann Repository fashion figures and turned them into PNGs.

The evolution of fashion throughout the decades was the first idea I came up with when thinking of my A2 evolution project

The evolution of fashion throughout the decades was the first idea I came up with when thinking of my evolution project


timeline century century victorian rococo century edwardian belle epoque regency fashion history edwardian era Late Victorian Regency era romantism fashion timeline early victorian bustle era World War


Fashion Timeline History of Vietnamese Clothing (and Ao Dai). I love historical clothing and seeing how it evolves. I’ve longed to see the evolution of Vietnamese clothing but always came up empty handed due to lack of.

Hemlines fashion silhouettes from the 1920s till 2000s - Via http://dredsina.tumblr.com/post/16052465171

Hemlines Through the Ages: A Visual Representation

The Ultimate Clothing Style Guide - On the Cutting Floor: Printable pdf sewing patterns and tutorials for women

20-s fashion Moleskine doodles by Phobs0 on @DeviantArt

Women's fashion: 1923 - waist lines began to drop to between the natural waist and the hip; 1924 - waistlines drop to the hip; 1928 - hem lines start to rise to the knee." I love this illustration of women in the