History of Fashion this as wallpaper could be very cool

A History of Fashion, Silhouette Version: a look at how silhouettes have changed over the past 250 years. This I find really fascinating as it relates the the models I drawn in my folder for my Elle woods style dress

Vintage and new 1920s shoes http://www.vintagedancer.com/vintage/vintage-1920s-shoes-the-top-10-styles-for-women/#

Vintage 1920s Shoes: Top 10 Styles for Women

Dress Timeline 1800-1900

Ladies and Gentlemen, Regency Fashion!

Basic Dress Silhouettes This chart is a good timeline of fashionable shapes. Layers of petticoats/crinoline and hoops. Full and elliptical hoops. Elliptical hoops and the bustle. Layers of petticoats

American Duchess: Mme Demorest's Illustrated Portfolio of the Fashions for 1880

American Duchess:Historical Costuming: Mme Demorests Illustrated Portfolio of the Fashions for 1880

Good to know. Visual chart for different dress styles.

For those of you who sell clothing - in particular dresses - on you might find this chart of fashion terms that discuss dress types helpful.