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The colors of my happy heart, deep, true pinks a deep green for contrast with just a touch of green-gold to lighten it up.


[That teal color is interesting and unusual.] Color Palette # 35 - Tea rose pink, lime green, grey, turquoise, and teal / Color Palettes

This colour scheme, minus the yellow, which would be slightly more muted, plus some lighter, softer peaches

Цветовая палитра №2096

This palette - eternal and classic. It is designed for moderate conservative romantics who appreciate traditional holidays and finding joy in the simple everyday things.

Color inspiration for design, wedding or outfit. More color pallets on

Subtle shades of pastel colors - brick, peach, and a little yellow - in combination with turquoise and pale green convey a feeling of tenderness, freshness

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Apfelgrün palettes with color ideas for decoration your house, wedding, hair or even nails.

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A passionate, lively composition. It will be appreciated by brave and actives people. Scarlet, red, pink shades – resolute and daring combination.

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Color Bloom

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one of big the reason's why i am drawn to @gildedbloom 's images (beyond the gorgeous photography) are the unique hues in the blooms she chooses to photograph ... in today's hypnotizing rose, i could get lost in the shades of peach and berry that are so spot on for trend + harmonize beautifully together ... thank you, Lisa for another inspiring #SeedsColor image!

For me the Rose Hues in this picture represents my style. Natural, soft and timeless

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Color Cut

today's inspiration image for { color cut } is by . thank you, Caroline, for another incredible image share!