And the show’s creators are still the two true kings of Tumblr. | Tumblr Reacts To The "Sherlock" Season 3 Premiere

Least favorite scene. I was kinda hoping Sherlock had progressed in those two years as far as humaneness, but instead he went backwards.

Louise Brealey- The Original Benedict Cumberbatch Fangirl.

Louise Brealy gets distracted by Benedict's Sherlock hair. I can totally relate to this.She is Adorable! SHE IS THE FANDOM

(Benedict) Sherlock in the original Sherlock Holmes attire Ahhh! Whoever did this is awesome!

Sassy John, although he technically saved Sherlock's life sooo...

13 Things You Need to Know About the New Sherlock Season Sassy John, although he technically saved Sherlocks life sooo.

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The nerdy bookworm, the awkward virgin, and the surly alcoholic/drug addict. Supernatural, Avengers, and Sherlock.

Poor John... We are a divided Fandom. But not mean...we obsess over different aspects but to our fellow Sherlockian we are very kind to each other, it's why I love being part of this Fandom. But man is this accurate.

Two halves of the Sherlock fandom. I first saw the whole sadness and happiness about the fact that Sherlock is going to come back to John. Then I saw the moustache. and I imagined what Sherlock would think about that.

oh, John. This is actually why I think JohnLock might be a thing: John just jokingly mentions it so often...

as i wait for the return of sherlock

This is actually why I think JohnLock might be a thing: John just jokingly mentions it so often. And when six out of seven of your closest acquaintences think something is going on, plus enough random strangers to choke a horse, yeah.

The Office/Sherlock.  Can't decide if I've pinned this already...hmmm. Repin anyways!! haha

The Office/Sherlock. Jim dies of boredom. Take that, Moriarty! -weeps in a corner- wait a minute, isn't that Martin freeman ?

I’m scared of us... I really am.

The Magpie Theory in Sherlock. It can't be a coincidence that magpies are heavily associated with both Moriarty and Mary. The sign of three, three for a girl, three for a wedding.

Sherlock / friend

The progression of their friendship makes me want to cry and smile at the same time. I was like awwwww when he was in disbelief that he was john's best friend.

You're not my real Detective Inspector! <<<< No, Jawn! He's not my real Detective Inspector! You can't make me listen to him!!!

You're not my dad. You can't tell me how to do this case. Where is papa Lestrade?