Omgs ım just laying here laughing and waiting for Thatanos to take me.


Percassy Jackson (side note: I am looking at Percabeth pictures and I was listening to You & I by one direction)

I just laughed soooo hard.

Nico sings his own version of Let it Go? LOL this is wonderfully hilarious for when Percy finds out!<<<Or what was going through Nico's head when Jason found out.

Poor Leo... And funny

Leo Valdez :D this is so accurate Leo would so make a spoon hat. And then he'd go battle some monsters in it while making smart aleck comment about they're never gonna have a hat as cool as his.

Solangelo Headcanons! I love these! solangelo = OTP <<<< i forgot that nico got shot by cupid in HOH

Solangelo Headcanons<~~ I'm squealing like a demented pig these are soooo cute! <--- Death Boy top is my favourite (and Jason shipping them)

hehe...foot races between these two + immature insults = adorable

foot races between these two + immature insults = adorable<<< Solangelo = adorable 💙

i'm actually laughing. My brother what was so funny.I CAN'T

No but he'd be awesome at the trick water bottle shots, like up into the rafters onto the tiniest little peg

..... *cries on ground*

If it isn't your headcanon that Nico talks in Italian, then you do not ship solangelo. <<<< I'm sorry, but how can you not ship Solangelo after this? I don't ship them and i'm just having a fangirl attack!<<<< well this headcanon is just plain perfect

Jajaja por Percy and then Paul like: Emmm.... How's Annabeth?

Jajaja poor Percy and then Paul like: Emmm. I ship him and sally almost as much as Percabeth. And my fandom knows how much that is