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Regina has changed

OUAT Never thought I'd hope for the Evil Queen

Once Upon A Time. The Evil Queen. Regina deserves a happy ending.

"That's me!"

Lana playing name that villain XD

A queen is never late...apparently Regina is having a hard time learning that...#OnceUponaTime

A queen is never late. apparently Regina is having a hard time learning that! Once Upon a Time & The Princess Diaries.

#OUAT - #EvilQueen #ReginaMills #MadHatter #Jefferson

The moment Regina lost me as a friend, took a long time for me to talk to her again :-)<<<sameeee

Gotta love Regina #onceuponatime #TheCharmings

Regina, the Charming Softball Team, and the Pirate Mascot - 4 * 14 "Enter the Dragon"

Regina changes and becomes Good instead of Evil | “Kansas" | OUAT Season 3

Her love for the people she cares about (Henry, Robin) are what make her be her absolute best!

#OnceUponATime 4x22|4x23 - "Operation Mongoose" - Regina and Robin

Operation Mongoose - Regina and Robin

OUAT Regina and Snow White parallels

Wow, see she relates happiness to others sorrow because of her heartless mother. I love Regina.

Regina *sighs and shakes head* you can't just have inside jokes with yourself. You seem crazy.

Those 28 years when Regina had to have inside jokes with herself. 24 Inside jokes only OUAT fans will understand